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What is Spiritual Direction?

The best analogy for spiritual direction I can give is birdwatching. Birds are beautiful, love to fly, sing every day, and can be really hard to spot. Occasionally, though, you need a trained guide to see deeper into the brush to find something new. Souls, too, are unique and beautiful, created to be free, have a glorious song deep within them, and can be very shy. Occasionally, though, you need a trained guide to see deeper to find something new. 

A birdwatching guide is a valuable companion when trekking through thick, dense forest in order to spot that elusive painted bunting. A guide spends many hours outdoors developing expertise as a trained guide, she/he notices nuances in the woods that offer clues where a bird may be residing. Skills like discerning birdcalls and or seeing bird droppings on the ground provide valuable opportunities to encounter a new species of bird. An average person just meandering through the woods will most likely miss these tell-tale signs of a bird’s presence.

A spiritual director is a valuable companion when searching the soul to find hidden meaning. A spiritual director spends many hours in prayer honing the skills of noticing, listening, and waiting. A trained director enters your life story right where you are and walks alongside you listening for clues about what the Spirit may be speaking to you. The director notices how you tell your story to offer a fresh perspective of God's presence in your life. Together, the spiritual director and you wait for the Spirit to reveal what is hidden within your life experience.

I welcome anyone interested in deepening their relationship with God through spiritual direction.

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