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What can I expect in a spiritual direction session?

Basically, spiritual direction is just a conversation. However, you may be wondering, what you will talk about. The answer is whatever you want. The Spirit has a way of bringing up what you need most at the time.  We begin our time with a prayer or reading to focus our attention toward the sacred.  I prepare a meditation for us or you may bring something meaningful.  

As you share, I listen, perhaps asking a question or making an observation that invites you to look deeper. At some point, we reach a natural ending.  Everything has been said and we close with a prayer, scripture, reading, song, or silence. You may want to choose what resonates most with your soul.

How often do we meet?

Sessions typically meet monthly and last about an hour. It is possible to meet face-to-face or through the online platform Zoom.

How is spiritual direction different from counseling, therapy, or other helping ministries?

The purpose of spiritual direction is to help you grow in your understanding of who God is, who you are, and how you relate to the world around you. While you bring your personal life to spiritual direction, the focus is on discovering where God is in your life experience and how this discovery can help you move toward greater spiritual freedom.

Is there a cost for spiritual direction?

My priority is your spiritual wellbeing and transformation. At no time should money ever keep you from developing your relationship with God. However, after you have engaged in spiritual direction for a period of time and if you feel led by the Spirit, I do accept donations for the ministry. Kind of like paying it forward. I use Paypal and accept cash or checks.

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