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What would you like to know about me?


Do you want to know about personal details like I've been married for 36 years to Jonathan, that I take care of one horse (Barbie), two mini donkeys (Maverick and Charlotte), one goose (Ginger), one tortoise-shell Manx cat (Lucy), and one Great Pyrenees mix dog (Louis), or that I am a bird watcher, beekeeper, and gardener?


Or are you curious about how I navigate this crazy world and find peace and joy?


Or do you wonder what my core values and beliefs are and what type of spiritual direction I offer? 


Or would you like to know how I can help you explore your unique spirituality and deepen your relationship with God?


To answer your questions, I've created a few statements reflecting how I offer spiritual direction.


  • I am a Christian contemplative, which means I found healing, freedom, and purpose in the life and example of Jesus Christ through the spiritual practices of silence and solitude.

  • I am a trained spiritual director who creates space for a person to pay attention to the inner movements of their soul as they explore their own spirituality and reconnect to what is true about the Sacred and themself.

  • I am a trained guide for the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. The Spiritual Exercises are a powerful tool that brings about desired transformation and freedom.

  • I am dedicated to helping people notice cultural and systemic environments that may affect their spirituality and their ability to experience the joy, hope, and peace of living an integrated, whole life.

  • I am passionate about creating an expansive space of safety and love where people from any religious tradition can hear a voice of love and compassion that speaks deep within them.

  • I have learned that questions, while confusing or frustrating, can be a threshold to something new in one's life and relationship with God. I hold the space while you wrestle with your question, and if the Spirit offers, I invite you to "see" from a different perspective. 

  • I am an encouraging companion who walks with you on your spiritual pilgrimage, inviting you to notice how you are experiencing God in your life.


One of my favorite quotes is, "Why are you so enchanted by this world, when a mine of gold lies within you?" (Rumi) The practice of spiritual direction is like mining for gold in your soul. It can be challenging, intricate work but comes with great and lasting rewards. 


Please contact me at if you have any questions or want to schedule an introductory meeting.


With joy,


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