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This Side of the Window

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Two weeks have passed since mom’s seizure. On that Friday, time seemed to stop. But in reality, time kept going leaving us behind. Sitting with mom in her room, looking out the window I watched the world go by…

Life is slow on this side of the window – heart barely pumping, eyes closed, her chest rising and falling gently.

Her mind stilled – no words, nothing to say…

Her body resting – nothing to do, no place to be.

There is enough time.

Life is a whirlwind on that side of the window – hearts racing, eyes wide open, breath shallow and rushed.

Frantic minds anxiously spinning – too much noise, too many words…

Bodies weary from too little sleep and too much to do.

There is never enough time.

Life on this side of the window generates peace, silence, a person sitting and waiting – presence.

Life on that side of the window generates worry, fear, an empty chair –


How many times have I forfeited presence to possess loneliness?

In other words, gained the world to lose my soul?

Yet… today, now, here, prayer comes easy – the choice was made for me. Sitting with my mom I experience the presence my soul longs for.

And I know… God is good and so are we.


Over the next few days my mom slowly woke and came back to us. Our journey on this side of the window continues a little while longer.

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04 de out. de 2019

So very true and well said. You and mom and so very blessed to have this time together, to slow down and be in each other's presence.

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