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Choosing Goodness

Standing in the gap between the saving power of Love and those cut off from its Source.

Both of you want me to choose a side -

to acknowledge your hurt and offense; the injustice you've endured.

To affirm your position,

to justify your final decision,

and... declare, "You are right!"

But, to choose a side inflicts injury upon my soul -

for both of you are part of who I am,

intertwined deeply into the fabric of my being,

and forever changing how I see our beautiful world.

We are one.

However, if I don't choose a side -

you assume I am for the other one,

you assume I am against you.

I become your enemy.

Alone and betrayed, you believe I no longer understand your pain; we are divided.

You versus me.

Deep within, I want to choose a side -

I am human too...

I've been conquered by rejection,

and felt the weight of oppression,

I've drowned in a cesspool of invisibility and insignificance.

I know how it feels to be overlooked, unloved, and unwanted; not remembered.

But, to choose a side diminishes my soul - your soul,

our souls...

then hate explodes,

anger screams, "It's not fair!"

And we destroy the very love we have for each other.

Slowly the soul suffocates, and the ability to see through the eyes of love evaporates.

Shall we all die by choosing a side?


Instead, I will not choose a side -

I will stand in the gap for you both,

holding your shared pain,

holding your broken and disillusioned hearts,

until the goodness within overpowers; releasing forgiveness for

yourself and each other.

Moving us all toward the LOVE that encapsulates us, and pushes us closer to the people

we were created to be.


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True, Touching, and tender--thanks to the poet!

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